CTRMS Scientific Abstract Travel Awards

The CTRMS Scientific Abstract Travel Awards are designed to help offset expenses incurred to attend CTRMS Congresses and awarded based on the scientific merit of applicants. Therefore, recipients must attend the meeting in order to receive the award. If an awardee is selected for a scientific award but does not attend the meeting, the monies of the award will be forfeited.

To be eligible for a scientific award, an individual must:

  1. Submit at least one abstract as a presenting author.

  2. Be a trainee, AHP or resident of an emerging economy country. As such, must be within two (2) years of completion of their training and/or fellowship, or provide proof of residency.

  3. Be a member of CTRMS. If an applicant is not a member of CTRMS, a membership application must be completed on the CTRMS website https://tts.org/ctrms-join and accepted in order for the award application to be reviewed and considered. The membership application must be initiated prior to the Congress abstract submission closure date.

    A supporting letter must be submitted as a part of the travel award application. This letter must be signed by the applicant's Training Program Director to verify the applicant’s status as a trainee/young investigator. Authors will not be considered for an award if the required letter is not sent. The applicant MUST be the presenting author. No exceptions will be made.

  4. Attend the designated award presentation session scheduled during the Congress to receive the award.

Process for bestowing the award:

  1. Awardees will be selected from the pool of eligible applicants based upon the abstract's degree of excellence (top score), as determined by the Congress Scientific Program Committee.

  2. Every effort will be made by CTRMS to award at least one scientific award to an applicant from each of the six TTS geographic regions. The geographic regions are North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East & Africa and Oceania.

  3. Awards may not exceed a maximum amount of $1,000 USD per awardee. A maximum of five (5) awards will be provided per Congress.

  4. Final selection of recipients will be approved by CTRMS.  

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